What it Means to be Good and Kind

  • Insights:

    • We have a deeper intelligence than imagined
    • Matter(s) of the heart actually create a healing possibility for our wounds
    • Bullies come from a place we all know and understand
    • Lacking confidence in our inner voice means we live in fear of it
    • Love, truth, and freedom is a dimension available to everyone
    • Compassion is a gift but it still needs guidance
    • We have an internal GPS that once activated prevents ever getting lost again
    • Self-love is not egoic nor is it unattainable
    • The ego is good friend but a terrible enemy
    • and much, much more…….

  • Sit In - Tune In: What it Means to be Good and Kind

    This program offers college students a sacred space to ‘sit-in and tune-in’ as a form of direct experience with their heart’s intent. Unlike the sit-ins of the 60s where groups of people occupied a space in protest, this program promotes the navigational worth of knowing one’s inner life and offers a space for it to emerge. Participants will engage in an inter-generational dialogue with author, psychologist, and new thought leader Ernie Vecchio as he shares psychospiritual insights about being human.