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#innerlivesmatter gives station to our inner subjective experience as a ‘to be alive’ force that inherently attempts to unfold as its fullest self.  It is tested most when this emotional material is paired with the human ego as adversity or suffering. Though such emotions can change, how they are ‘behaved’ in the world cannot be erased or taken back. This means that ‘inner lives matter’ in direct proportion to how much our inner dimension motivates what we do. An ego asleep will ‘act out’ according to its pain, while an awakened ego will claim this inner subjectivity and support the entire ‘to be alive’ system (soul, spirit, and heart) to remain intact.

These teachings are for individuals who…
  • want to discern ego from heart, ultimately improving self-understanding

  • desire to enrich life more than the ego can imagine

  • long for an ethical ideal and valid context for self-care

  • wish to bring wisdom into the world for its healing intent

  • hope to elevate our highest quality—compassion

  • seek answers to ‘the why’ of life, fostering autonomy

  • look to discern the difference between feeling and emoting

  • give station to the ‘invisible something else’ that sustains and reciprocates life

You are a candidate for self-inquiry and study if you’re…

Ready for a change and committed to evolving these psychospiritual goals

Recognize that you need an accountable guide

Willing to make an investment in time and resources to move forward

Excited for a heart-centered life

Contact me: innerlivesmatter@ernievecchio.com