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The Camino Del Alma or Way of the Soul is a pilgrimage that will follow the southern leg of the American Discovery Trail starting from Lewe’s, Beach, Delaware on March 11, 2018 and finishing in California on November 11, 2018. Touching thirteen States this inaugural event is a State by State invitation to hikers, cyclists, or anyone interested in covering their State’s portion of the route for spiritual retreat and growth. Pilgrims can join founder, trauma psychologist, author, and wisdom teacher Ernie L. Vecchio who plans to do 3000+ miles of the trail. Hoping to start a conversation about the importance on having an inner life, Vecchio will be encouraging seekers to ask questions about his life’s work—The Soul’s Intent.

My inspiration to promote the Way of the Soul pilgrimage was the Camino de Santiago in Spain. In this experience, hikers get their booklets stamped as they pass through each village proving that they did the course. They also receive a certificate of completion in the end. To mirror this, I wanted hikers that do the Camino Del Alma to also have some sort of souvenir. By entering your name and email address below, you not only make a connection with me but also gain access to the official Camino Del Alma Logo store. There is absolutely NO PURCHASE REQUIRED. I am simply using this form as a means to reach out to fellow hikers. Interested participants can also email me at innerlivesmatter@ernievecchio.com

Here’s hoping we get to share the path!  

Camino del Alma – Press Kit